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Shutters Oshawa

There is a lot more to window treatments than just style. It is common for people to only think about how window treatments will make their rooms look, forgetting the many other benefits associated with these coverings. Window treatments add softness to a space, offer privacy, and make it possible to control the amount of light entering a room. Be sure to choose the right coverings to benefit from them. We can help you get the perfect window treatments for your home.

At Made in the Shade, we supply and install quality shutters in Oshawa. Other than shutters, we have an extensive collection of window treatments that include various types of blinds and shades. You can schedule a visit with us; we offer our clients free measuring and installation services for their home window coverings. We can also dress the windows in your office or any other space you want.

Why Should You Choose Shutters?

Shutters will last for more than ten years, reduce your energy bills, and make your home look amazing. Polywood shutters are better insulators compared to wood shutters. Shutters are your go-to window coverings if you want to reduce your high energy bills.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, go for blinds as a temporary window treatment solution. Blinds’ strings might snap over time. Thus, they’re not a durable solution for covering your windows. Also, they are not the easiest window coverings to clean.

What is the Best Number of Shutter Panels for Windows?

Ideally, the number of required shutter panels increases with an increase in the surface area of windows. Larger windows will need more shutter panels than small windows. Windows with a width of 26 inches will need one panel. Those with a width of 50 inches will require two panels, and windows with a width up to 96 inches will need four panels.

Single wide panels are not as visually appealing as two separate panels. Unlike wider panels, small panels won’t have the problem of not fitting against the wall. Multiple panels are easy to operate due to the additional support they get from the shutter frame. Install multiple panels in the windows you feel will need frequent opening and closing.

 How to Clean Shutters

Shutters are also known as plantation shutters and are made from wood or wood-like materials. These window coverings are cleaned differently depending on the material they’re made from. Here’s how to can clean different shutters:

  • Real Wood Shutters

Clean real wood shutters the same way you clean your wood furniture. Pay close attention to ensure your shutters are entirely made of wood before using furniture polish. A dusting feather or a piece of dry cloth can be used to dust wood shutters.

  • Faux Wood Shutters

Despite them resembling real wood shutters, faux wood shutters are made of plastic or vinyl.  They are best cleaned using a damp cloth with mild detergent.

Where to Buy Shutters

Let us add a touch of class to your home with our window treatment solutions. At Made in the Shade, you will get custom-made shutters in Oshawa at affordable prices. For more details, call 905-242-4381.

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