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Carpenter ants and the extermination ways

You must have noticed carpenter ants tunneling through your walls, destroying the wood structure and often leaving behind remnants that resemble sawdust. They are very destructive and need to be exterminated very soon once you notice them. Even though the carpenter ants are important decomposers of forest tress as they make nest inside the trees and feed on insects, plants and fruit juices, they do move from their natural habitat to homes looking for water and pet or human food. The relieving piece of information is that they are slow in causing harm. However, if they are not timely exterminated, they are capable of doing serious damage to a home.

There are several least toxic options to control carpenter ants once they have been properly identified with the help of a pest control company. You can either take the help of Pest Company or can identify yourself the annoying pests. The carpenter ants are curiously large and dark in color. There is also a winged variety of the ants that appear to be larger than termites with two pair of wings and bent antennas. Once you have identified the ants, you need to find out their hiding place. Mostly they prefer nesting in moist woods and hence can be seen around kitchen sinks, bathtubs, roof leaks etc.

The carpenter ants can be traced back to their hidden nests. The best way to trace their hiding abode would be to leave out honey where you notice the ants. Watch as they eat the honey and then travel back into your home structure. Trace them and tap along the baseboards and walls while listening for a hollow sound. You can hear the ants hurrying to the nest they get close by. You can destroy the ants' nest by drilling a series of 1/8 inch holes into the wall where you think the nest would be. Get boric acids from local hardware stores and puff it into the holes. It is safe to drill and put the acid at least three feet on either side where you assume the position of nest.

However, if you still notice carpenter ants even after destroying the nest, it is better to take the service from a reliable pest control company. At Avon Pest Control, the professional exterminator would inspect the property and devise the proper carpenter ants extermination treatment needed for your situation. The programs may vary depending upon the nature of infestation.

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