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10 Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs (Part 2)

bed bug facts

In our previous blog, we discussed the first five interesting facts in our series. While most people know the basics, and understand that they should avoid these pests at all costs, there are many unknowns that can lead to infestations and even worsen the situation. This article is going to cover facts numbered 6 through 10, which could help you prevent a future outbreak. Remember, if you or someone you know is dealing with bed bugs, now is the time to contact your professional bed bugs exterminator.

Bed bug mouths contain anesthetic.

It’s rare that you hear of someone feeling a bed bug bite them, or to notice them at all. This is because their mouths contain a mild anesthetic that prevents the host from experiencing pain from the bite, allowing them to feed uninterrupted.

Bed bugs can survive in extreme conditions.

As we’ve previously discussed, bed bugs are no strangers to unfavorable conditions. While they thrive in warm temperatures, they can also survive in almost freezing temperatures and up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bed bugs are not solely big-city pests.

The incidence of bed bugs is three times higher in urban areas than in rural areas due to factors such as larger population size, apartment living and increased mobility, which are conducive to the rapid spread and breeding of bed bugs, according to Pest World. However, they are found in every part of Canada, whether it’s rural or densely populated.

Bed bugs don’t need to feed every day.

While it might seem reasonable to believe bed bugs feed daily on their hosts to survive, the truth is that they can go months without a meal. These are hardy pests that require professional assistance to get rid of, especially since vacating a bed bug warmed space for weeks doesn’t mean they’ll die off.

Bed bugs can live anywhere.

Whether it’s a home, apartment, dorm room, college campus, library, movie theater, hotel, or office, bed bugs can thrive just about anywhere. Essentially, as long as there are human or live animal hosts for it to drink blood from, they can survive.

Contact an exterminator.

If you experience an infestation, time is not on your side. Before it gets worse, contact your trusted bed bugs exterminators to rid your home of these pests. Remember, home remedies are not a permanent solution, and it can quickly spiral out of control.

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