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Same-Day Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal & Extermination of Wasps

In many areas around Vancouver BC wasp removal is an effort that affects both human and local insect community. The wasp is an economically beneficial insect, especially in the field of agriculture as they prey on other pest insects. On the other hand, the same insect becomes a foe when it causes harm to the human community. There are over 75,000 species of wasps, but only some species are considered dangerous because of their venom stings. Wasps cause big trouble when they begin to intrude in recreational areas, especially around picnics. The situation gets even worse when they come with
yellow_jackets Christmas tree shipments.

Wasps typically live in colonies that are headed by queens. They often attack beehives foraging worker bees and stealing their honey, bee larvae, and pupae.

How do wasps appear?

Paper-Wasp--Polistes-fuscatThe appearance of wasps differs based on the type of species. Perhaps, it can be identified by some of the common features, such as slender body posing, cylindrical legs, narrow waist, a pair of wings, covered tiny hairs, and a shiny appearance. The most common types of wasps that people encounter in Metro Vancouver area are yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps.

Life cycle of wasps

Wasp colonies survive only for a year. The whole colony typically dies at the beginning of autumn except for the newly produced queens. The new queens leave their old nest and find a new one. Queen wasps can produce 100- 2000 eggs per day. These special eggs hatch after some days. When they reach pupa stage, they turn into virgin queens and male drone wasps.

Food preferences

Wasps are predators, so they feed on other insects, such as flies, caterpillars, baled_faced_hornet bald-faced hornet beetles, and other pests. During autumn and near the end of summer, their food priorities change as their nests decline when queens stop laying eggs. They focus on collecting sweets and carbohydrates, so they hunt outdoors where food or drinks are served (like picnics!). They feed on pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers to obtain sweet content.

Wasp management

Mud DaubersTraps with bait help capture queens in autumn and late summer seasons. Only limited insects could be trapped, and this will not help in complete wasp elimination. Cracks and crevices need to be sealed to prevent the intrusion of queens and the building of their nests.

For wasp removal, make sure to wear a bee suit, helmet, and leather gloves while destructing the wasp nest.

  • Never disturb and crush wasps as they could release alarm pheromone which triggers nearby nest guards to attack.
  • Chemical treatments using residual insecticide can be done for removing nests, but only professional companies can handle this process.
  • Aerosol treatment can be used for destroying wasps that exist in exposed wasp nests.
  • Pour soap and water solution into the entrance to exterminate the insects if ground wasp nests are found. Afterward, cover the nest entrance with soil.

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