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Bed Bugs Bite Symptoms

Bite Symptoms of Bed bugs

Reactions to bites vary significantly with individuals from mild to severe rash symptoms. Listed are some possible symptoms caused by bug bites.

A white bumpy protrusion with abnormal itchiness on the skin.

Occurrence of skin rashes and blisters.

Dry rashes like skin allergies can spread on the skin if not treated properly.

Possibility of getting secondary infections if they scratch on wounds.

Causes psychological effects and allergic symptoms.


How do I know I have bed bugs?

Look for these traces to find their presence:

Skin rash: Getting itchy bump and abnormal skin rash on the body.

Dark sand-like patches:  Inspect the fabric folding if any dark or black spots mounted like patches appear, the sign includes the fecal spots.

Blood smears: Identify whether there is any blood spots on sheets.

White shells: It is an exoskeleton or mottled shells shed by bugs often spotted in dark crevices.

Unpleasant odor: An obnoxious sickly scent emitted from its glands.

Live insects: Inspect crevices, joints, furniture and bedding.  You could possibly spot live bed bugs and shed skins as the juvenile bugs are 4-5mm long.


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