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Carpenter Ants Videos

Videos on Carpenter Ants
Carpenter Ants, which are the most common species to be crawling in a house, varies in length which measures nearly about 6 to 25 mm of size. It is very active between sunset and sunrise. It favors moist or humid environments and travels in loose trails. It is often associated with wood. Carpenter Ants mainly feed on dead and living insects, juices of ripe fruits and prefer sweets.  They bore into wood to make their nest, thereby causing serious structural damage.

Look at this video showing damage caused by carpenter ants and fire ants to hot tubs and spas with a wooden base.  They can also do serious damage to your house.

Here’s a video of a deck damaged by carpenter ants.

Here is a big ant colony that took over panels of hard insulation.

The damage caused by these Carpenter Ants can be controlled by beginning with inspection of areas of high moisture content. Try to clear away any infested wood from your living environment. Try to investigate and correct your humidity issues. Make sure that you have kept the food items in a sealed container since it discourages the carpenter ants from invading the building.
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