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Flies Videos

Flies Videos

Flies cause the most common nuisance. They are said to be adapted to the aerial movement. They belong to the order of Diptera which stands for the meaning double wings. These pests mainly feed on the animal waste and decaying organic matter. Since they have wings, it is easy for them to spread the disease rapidly.

It is effortless for them to spread many diseases frequently because of their wings. It is possible to spread thousands of bacteria each time they land and in return transmitting diseases to humans. They are being called as "carrier agents".

A simple way to avoid Flies is to empty the garbage, accumulate in plastic bags and held it in a container that is being closed with tight fitting lids.

  • Try to keep your garbage as far as from your building entrance.
  • Try to keep your doors and windows blocked with curtains.
  • Always keep your food closed with lids.
  • Also make sure that your drains have been kept clear and running.

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