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Wasp Videos

Wasp Videos

Wasps are considered to be a beneficial pest in a farmers point of view. But it becomes a problem when they disrupt outdoor activities for families and pets. It consists of a slender body with narrow waist and cylindrical legs. They are described as predators which feed on insects and other arthropods. It has the ability to change the food gathering priorities.

Wasp stings may cause serious allergic reactions to people. The allergic reactions range from burning, itching, reddishness, and tenderness to huge inflammation and itching that last up to a week. The first and foremost step or way to control a wasp infestation is to locate its nest. Search for an experienced pest control service provider to get rid of wasps. Try to have a citrus oil spray handy in case your outdoor yard is being visited by solitary wasp.

BC has at least 17 wasp species between paper wasps and yellow jackets alone. See video.

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