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Wasp FAQ

Wasp Frequently Asked Questions

How do wasps differ from bees?

Wasps do not directly engage in collecting pollen, food and honey; whereas bees have the characteristics of collecting and storing pollen, food and honey. Wasps make their nests by paper, bees build it by wax. Wasp mouth parts are designed to chew food, for bees it is helps to lap liquid.

What are the components present in wasp venom?

The major component present in wasp venom is a kind of protein which causes allergic reactions in people. The venom components comprise acetylcholine, histamine, serotonin, and kinin.

What is the lifespan of a wasp?

Worker categories of wasps live for 12-22 days whereas the average lifespan of queens is about 1 year.

How many eggs do queen wasps lay?

All female wasps have the potential to become the queen based on the number of eggs they lay. Female wasps can lay up to 100 – 2000 eggs per day.

What do wasps eat?

They eat insects, honeydew, pollen, nectar, fruits, pieces of meat and other sweet materials.

During threat how do wasps communicate to form a big swarm?

Wasps release alarm chemical stimuli called pheromones to communicate with the other colony members in case of threat. Their are also other types of communication known as Trophollaxic feeding communication. It is a type of food–related communication where worker wasps pass the food materials to feed the larvae.

What do I do if I see an increase of wasps flying around our yard?

After looking around in trees, under roof awnings, or even in the ground and anywhere nests may be, call a pro wasp exterminator for further advice.

What kind of wasps are found in Vancouver area, or British Columbia?

The amount of species in BC is unknown, but we have at least 17 wasp species between paper wasps and yellow jackets alone. See 1st wasp video here.

How much does wasp or hornet nest removal cost by a pro?

Wasp extermination can vary in price based on location, type of wasp or hornet, the size of the wasp nest, and the chosen treatment to eliminate them from your building. The cost of wasp nest removal in Metro Vancouver ranges from $90 to $350.

If the source is the neighbors’ yard, ask them to check, but otherwise….