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How to exterminate pests

How to exterminate pests

Getting rid of pests is indeed an intimidating task and if the problem becomes too acute, it is wise to summon the pest control specialists. Pests ranging from bed bugs to termites and others can cause incalculable damage unless timely measures are taken to exterminate them.

The variety of pests including termites, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, ants and the severity of their attacks vary every season – and action must be taken to exterminate them.


Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed and therefore the onus is on you to eliminate as many sources as possible. Mosquitoes are not mere irritants but a major danger to public health. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and until and unless you eliminate that, you will never be able to wipe away the mosquitoes.


Remember fleas multiply very fast and you could confront a full blown infestation within less than a week. Houseflies particularly flourish in the torrid summer months. Generally, they lay eggs in filthy garbage, soil, lawn clippings, sewage, watery spots, animal waste and food remnants. Keep these areas clean to prevent them from breeding. Vacuum cleaning is also very essential for flea control. You should vacuum clean doors, carpets, furniture, mattresses, and cushions at regular intervals.


Take preventive measures against the swarm of ants from making its way to your doorstep. Sprinkle boric acid or borax powder around the entrances to your home and along all visible trails. You can even dust infested areas inside your home with boric acid mixed with an equal amount of flour, cornmeal or sugar. The ants will carry the poisonous food back to the nest, feed on them and die.

Bees and Wasps

Bees and wasps have a tendency to hover around trash cans, food particles and left-over drinks. Remove all these sources and bees and wasps should disappear. They create nests around buildings, under eaves, in bushes and attics. Regularly inspect these vulnerable areas to get rid of nests and use a commercial product, which you spray directly into the nest at night. A wasp sting can be treated just like a bee sting. Apart from the ordinary bumble bees, the carpenter bees are also a great menace as they can cause great damage to your wooden furniture. You need to immediately find the carpenter bee infestation and exterminate them.


Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and so you may not notice them during the day. Cockroaches abound in warm, humid spots and ill-lit areas. They hide practically anywhere in your house. Use duct tape to seal wall openings around water pipes to stop these pests from moving around. Cockroaches come out at night to feed on crumbs, food left-over, pet food and even wax. They will cease to linger if there's nothing left for them to eat. Sanitation is the assured step for reducing the menace of cockroach infestation.


Silverfish seek out food sources that are high in starch including books, magazines and wallpaper. They are also fond of also flour and cereal, starched clothing and some synthetic fabrics. Reducing paper and properly storing clothes and pantry items will chase them away.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs, the slimy creatures that survive on the blood of human beings, can cause you sleepless nights often. They mostly reside in bed mattresses, carpets, books and even the linen. Honestly, no home remedy can work for controlling bed bugs unless you opt for professional treatment.If a pesticide application is made, washing with a detergent or a steam cleaner will eliminate bed bugs.

bed bug


Some types of gnats – namely the midgets – can be dangerous and their stinging bite can at times even prove fatal. Hence, extermination of gnats is essential and ought to be done on a priority basis. You would find these gnats mostly feeding on rotten fruits and their favorites are usually banana and orange. It is very important that you throw the rotten fruits immediately. The alarming aspect of gnat menace is that they lay eggs in hundreds and develop in to full grown gnats very quickly. You can use sodium lights as these keep the midge gnats away.


By now, you must have realized that termites can cause a lot of damage to property – particularly wooden doors and wooden furniture. The menace caused by termites is quite visible. The movement of termites is more visible during the warm months. You need to exterminate the termites in order to save all the wooden structures. You may hire professional help in exterminating termites.