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Bed Bugs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bugs

How can I sleep at night, if I have bed bugs?

Once you notice you have a bed bug infestation in your home it is not necessary to immediately throw out your mattress or box springs.  Of course, it may take time to wash and dry off your bedding, but it’s not possible overnight. Bed-bug-proof encasement can be used to prevent bugs from crawling into your bedding. Using interceptors is the other way to inhibit bugs. Place interceptors under the legs of the bed that could trap bugs crawling between the bed and the floor.

Where do bed bugs live and hide?

Yes, bed bugs do tend to live and hide in bed mattresses a lot, but that’s not even the most common hiding places for them. In fact, one study saw that box springs, couches, and chairs are all much more common hiding places for them than mattresses.  See more details on where bed bugs like to live and hide.

Can legal action be taken against a hotel in case of bed bug infestation?

Yes, you can sue, but the laws may vary from place to place. There exist many examples of lawsuits over bedbugs for this case. Several people have filed lawsuit against hotels and made claims for their sufferings. A woman filed complaint against Catskills resort for $27 million for being bitten by bed bugs.

Can legal action be taken against landlords by tenants bitten by bedbugs?

That may be case by case. In BC for example, Vancouver’s residential tenancy act states the landlord must provide a safe and healthy rental unit. It doesn’t mention bedbugs specifically, but Vancouver’s health by-law states that the landlord is responsible for treating bedbug infestations. Bedbugs are becoming an increasingly large problem in Vancouver. The Tenants Rights Action Coalition is a place tenants can go for further information about bed bugs and tenants.

What is the life span of bed bugs?

The total life span of bed bugs is 10 months. One of the amazing facts about this insect is it can survive for weeks to months without feeding.

Is there a way to control bed bugs without using chemicals?

Yes, you can control bed bug infestation without using chemicals. There exist several methods that do not include any chemical presence.  The two popularly used natural control treatments are Diatomaceous Earth and steam treatment.  These treatments are non toxic but kills bed bugs in an effective way.

From where do Bed Bugs originate?

Bed bugs are aggressive migrants. They originated from European and Asian countries and got spread to the rest of the world by travelers, then just reproduce and increase in number wherever they live.

Can I apply pesticides myself?

No. Applying pesticides on your own may cause harm. Certain pesticides do not show effectiveness in killing bed bugs as the insects have developed tolerance to certain pesticides. Also, the pesticides available to the average person are weaker than what the pros have access to. Only the professional pest control company knows the combination and proportion of pesticides that works effectively on bed bugs. Applying pesticides on your own may cause the bed bugs to scatter and move to unreachable crevices and make the problem worse. It is advised to hire a professional pest Control Company

How much does it cost to remove bed bugs?

The cost of bed bug extermination depends on various factors.  Go to the link for more information.

How can infestation of bedbugs be avoided while travelling?

Travelers should be very cautious about bedbugs especially when they stay in hotels or travelling in trains. Inspect thoroughly the room before you make your stay. Carry flashlight and gloves to aid in your inspection. Remember to check headboard, check sheets, pillows, mattress and box spring for getting clue of blood spots. If you could find any evidence, then abruptly change your room or compartment in case of train journey.

Do bedbugs directly travel on me?

It is very rare that bedbugs directly travel on you. It tends to spread more likely through luggage, backpacks, briefcases, mattresses and used furniture.

How do I kill bedbug eggs?

Applying pesticides may not effectively kill bedbug eggs as they are active only on adults. Heat, stream and freezing treatment are the three effective methods that can sweep out bedbug eggs. Typically, bugs cannot survive above the temperature of 80 degrees. The heat of 125-135 degrees will be applied to the infested areas using specialized heating equipment. This process kills all stages of bedbugs right from egg to adults leaving no space to escape.

What tools do I need to carry for finding bedbugs?

  • Flashlight
  • Hand lens
  • Pill bottle or ziplock bag – to hold specimen for examining it closer.
  • Sticky tape- to grab the bugs
  • Knife or index card – to swipe bugs out of cracks
  • Trash bags- for sacking infested items
  • Vacuum cleaner and gloves

Do bedbug bites take 14 days to show?

According to California Department of Public Health Vector-Borne Disease Section, a bed bug bite may not show for up to 14 days. But, the type of reaction differs with people. Some may tend to react much earlier than 14 days.

How can I kill bugs without using insecticides?

Other treatments can be employed for treating bedbugs which actually give an effective result. The other treatments include heat treatment, steam treatment, freezing treatment and chemical treatment.

Does Everyone React to Bed-Bug Bites?

No. More than 60% people do not react to bites, which means they do not know they were bitten unless they physically see a bed bug. Some people have delayed reaction up to 2-3 weeks after the bite – which means they do not respond until several days after the bite. So, only a small percentage of the people react to bed bugs by the next morning unless allergic or something.