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Bed Bug Removal Cost

Bed bug extermination cost is on the rise due to supply and demand. Unfortunately, the demand is the need to exterminate the increase of bed bugs in many cities.

bedbug infestation in Vancouver home

Bed bugs found in a Vancouver home.

The cost to get rid of bed bugs is well worth the price since the alternative is a more infested area that becomes increasingly more difficult to deal with. While only 60% of people are allergic to bed bugs, rashes aren’t the only reason to get rid of the nuisance. When bed bugs come out to play, they can create insomnia, anxiety, and potential asthma attacks in their human hosts.

So, how much does extermination and removal cost?

There is a huge range of costs to get rid of the pesky buggers, anywhere from $200 to $1000 per home with Guaranteed service for 5 months. Yes, the range really is that extensive!

While a small space of a studio or 1-bedroom apartment will typically be around $275- 375 dollars, a 3 to 4 bedroom house could extend into the $400-900 range for extermination fees.

Avon Pest Control provides a one-time fee service with 5 month warranty with minimum hassle to our customers.  Sometimes bed bug removal costs will be one up-front fee, even if there are follow up visits by the pest control company. Others will charge for each visit.

The more dense and intense an infestation is, the more labor and products are necessary.  If you’re able to catch an infestation early on, you will likely pay only around $200 or less per room.

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What types of extermination options are there?

If you go the route of bed bug extermination via chemical and pesticides, you can expect to pay about $170 to $300 dollars per room in Vancouver.

The need based chemical option is the long lasting & more effective one. Avon Pest Control uses very specific chemicals approved & labelled by Health Canada & very safe to use indoors.

The other options like Heat & Freezing are NOT practically feasible in residential situations, because they are very expensive and laborious.  The bedbugs migrate with heat to deep pockets and lead to a very high chance of recurrence. The Heat treatment has no long term warranty, like what we provide with minimum uses of safe chemicals for up to 5 months.

Moreover, complete bed bug extermination is possible only if the professional has education & background in insect science & has vast experience of extermination – but don’t worry, bed bugs is the main expertise of this Vancouver bed bug removal company – done by a biology entomology technician – Dr. Mann.  Call today.

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