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Silverfish Videos

Silverfish Videos

Silverfish which is roughly about 1/2 inch long tends to prefer dark and moist environments. The body of silverfish is long, slender and flattened. It is found almost everywhere but prefer moderate temperature places such as basements, laundry rooms, and under sinks. It is considered to be an annoyance as they feed on wallpaper pastes, natural textiles, books, and papers.

Silverfish is considered to be as the fast moving pest and it is quite very active during night. A single Silverfish is capable of lasting as long as SIX YEARS. It can damage wall paper, paper goods, book bindings and dry foods. Here come certain measures to eradicate Silverfish.

  • Try to eliminate the sources that provide humidity since it's the most preferred temperature for Silverfish to stay long back.
  • Some of the favored method to prevent humidity is to ventilate closed rooms and attics, to repair leaking pipes, reduce standing water and to use a dehumidifier an air conditioner.
  • Try to remove food sources that have been stored in tight containers.

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