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Bed Bugs inspection

Residential or Commercial Bed Bug Inspection

Bedbugs need to be trapped at the earlier stage or else it could results in severe infestation making the situation worse. Visual inspections, K9/dog inspections and Trap inspections are the basic types of bed bug inspection techniques.

Visual inspection of bedbugsVisual inspection:

Before initiating any control treatment process, it is important to check whether there is any clue for bedbug appearance. It can be inspected through naked eyes as those tiny creatures can be sensed through their shed skins, eggs and feces, or muddy spots in folds.

K9/dog inspection:

The pest control experts use dog for detecting the presence of bedbugs especially in case of large spread infestation. The dogs deployed are highly trained where it senses the presence through smell that is been uniquely exhibited by bedbugs.

Trap inspection:

Trap inspection is the common type being deployed by the large community in inspecting the bugs. There are number of traps available in the market today and it is broadly classified into two categories: Passive trap and Active trap. Passive trap- it doesn’t possess an active attractants to trap the bugs. The intended result is completely dependent upon the close proximity of the location placed. Active trap- it possesses attractants such as carbon dioxide, pheromone, kairomone and heat that effectively pulls and kills the bug off.

Bed Bug Furniture Removal:

Once you detect if any furniture has been infested by bugs, first isolate the furniture from the rest of the house. Supposing your bed got infested with bugs and you don’t want to use the bed, purchase a frame that keeps your mattress off from the floor. Install interceptors under each feet of bed frame which acts as a special platform in preventing bugs climbing on to your bed. Dry off the infected bed completely treat it until the infestation gets freed.

Double bag the infected bed/mattresses and wash it in extremely hot water and dry it for at least 30 minutes. The bedbugs are frequently spotted in the folding of mattress and pillows.  Vacuum the suspected bugs from furniture and remove and discard the bag in outdoor.

It is recommended to buy bug-proof encasements for the mattresses and box springs. Encasements with zippers will actively prevent the bugs from being escaped. Vacuuming cannot remove all bedbugs as it could sweep away only eggs and nymphs. Spray insecticides in ducts and crevices to completely kill the bugs off.

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