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4 Signs of a Rodent Infestation

rodent infestation

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, rodents are common year-round as they often take up shelter in your home or business. Especially since populations can grow exponentially in a short amount of time, getting a handle on a mice or rat infestation is crucial. Here are the tell tale signs of a rodent infestation. However, if you do witness any of these pests in your home, contact an experienced pest removal company as this is always a job best left to the pros.

Chew and bite marks.

This is the first indicator you have a problem. Rodents are infamous for chewing everything from shoes to furniture to baseboards. Check for frayed wires and small chew marks throughout your home. Also keep an eye out for tracks left behind in dusty areas.

Foul odor.

The more an infestation grows, the more prominent the musky odor scent will be in your home or office. If a rodent dies behind a wall, the rotting scent will be undeniable.

If you’ve noticed an odd scent that you can’t pinpoint but seems to be worsening, now is the time to check for the other signs and contact an exterminator.

Erratic pet behavior.

The cat and mouse trope exists for a reason- cats love to find and chase rodents. If your cat or dog starts to display erratic behavior and seems to be sniffing or chasing something but you don’t see anything, this could be a clear indicator of a rodent problem.


Mouse droppings, which look like small, elongated pellets, dark brown in color, with pointed ends. They can be anywhere from less than a quarter-inch in length to half an inch in length—around the size of a grain of rice—while rat droppings are larger, smoother and more blunt on the ends.

If you see any droppings around your home, it’s time to investigate and contact an exterminator.

Wave Goodbye to Your Rodent Problem

If you suspect a rat infestation at your business premises or at your home, a professional pest control company is your best bet. They will work with you to streamline a treatment and extermination plan suited to your needs.

With a Professional rodent control and maintenance schedule, you will keep your rodent problem at bay. Avon Pest Control has a team of rodent exterminators who serve Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Langley, and all of Metro Vancouver. Call us today at 604-805-0278 and get rid of rodents in your property – residential or commercial!