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4 Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

bed bugs

One of the biggest grievances with bed bugs is their ability to go undetected for long periods. Oftentimes, people only notice they have bed bugs in their flat or home when they have an infestation. While this might feel like the worst case scenario for many, the good news is that they can easily be eradicated. Once you review the following list to ensure you have an infestation, contact your trusted bed bugs exterminator right away to rid your home of the pesky bugs.

#1: Bites on the Skin

This is one of the most common signs you have bed bugs. The hallmark sign of a bed bug bite are three small bites in a row. This is often due to the insect trying to find the perfect bite. Since bed bugs usually feed at night, exposed areas of your body during sleep might develop red bumps after being bitten.

However, welts take time to develop, and everyone responds to bed bug bites differently. Some welts could be from spiders or mosquitoes, depending on where you live and the season. To decipher whether your bites could be the result of a bed bug infestation, read on.

#2: Rusty or Dark Spots on Sheets

Another sure sign you have bed bugs is finding rusty blood-colored stains or spots that resemble pen marks on your sheets. These unsightly spots can be from crushing a bed bug and their fecal matter. If you cannot find an obvious source of these marks, try running water over them. If they bleed a bit, this means they are likely blood and fecal matter stains from bed bugs.

#3: Eggs & Husks

Female bed bugs can lay up to 7 eggs per day when pregnant, which results in clusters of white ovular eggs that closely resemble grains of rice. Check under your bed frame and in your bedding for these egg clusters that proves you have a bug infestation.

Bed bugs shed their exoskeletons as they grow, leaving behind “husks” or shell casings. They like to hide in mattress crevices, upholstered furniture, and crevices, so be sure to check these spots for the translucent shells to determine if you have a bug problem.

#4: Living Bed Bugs

This is the most obvious sign of bed bugs, but they are more difficult to spot than the previously mentioned signs. Bed bugs are expert hiders, so it’s rare to see them out and about, which is why moving and deep cleaning often brings them out of their nestling spaces.

How to Manage a Bed Bug Infestation

Now that you’ve confirmed that you have bed bugs, what should you do? Call your Vancouver metro area pest control immediately. We offer effective options to rid your home of these insects, including chemical pesticide treatments. While you might be tempted to opt for a cheap remedy, you run the risk of not completely ridding the home of the critters and the issue returning. Let our experts evaluate the severity of your infestation and suggest the most effective and safe treatment for you.

For chemical bed bug treatment in Vancouver, Surrey, and all Lower Mainland, contact us today at (604) 805-0278, or fill out our online form. We have a 5-month guarantee and 100% success rate.