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5 Common Businesses That Need Regular Pest Control Services

Dead cockroach on the floor after being hit by pesticides

Think your business is safe from pests? You can think again.

Rat populations are skyrocketing in Canada. Longer summers and milder winters might be the culprits behind the rat boom. But there are more pests than rats, and they’ll set up shop almost anywhere.

Let’s take a look at 5 everyday businesses that need regular commercial pest control services.


If there’s one type of business we associate with pest control, it has to be the restaurant.

Restaurants are the perfect hotbed for pests. They attract everything from flies to rats to cockroaches. Even if a restaurant maintains meticulous cleaning standards, its trash may attract pests that can make their way into the restaurant.

Restaurants need a regular pest control schedule if they want to battle the risk of pests. For a restaurant, even a small pest problem can cripple business and make headlines – a setback that most restaurants can’t afford.


Hotels are a perfect storm of pest attraction. They combine the food handling elements of a kitchen with a warm and comfortable environment of a bedroom.

That means they’ll attract all the best (or should we say worst) pests: rats, bed bugs, even wasps.

Hotels need regular pest control if they want to maintain habitable standards. A hotel without scheduled pest control might receive great Yelp reviews from the pests, but its guests will run a mile.

Clearing a hotel of pests can be a laborious affair. It’s harder to rid soft furnishings of pests, and hotels tend to be larger spaces. Compounding the problem, a hotel will lose business if it shuts for pest control.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores present an all-you-can-eat buffet for pests. These stores often pop up in older premises near residential areas, which can make them as convenient for pests as they are for nearby residents.

Unlike supermarket giants, convenience stores often lack the budget and processes to make pest control part of their regular schedule. But they’ll know all about it when the plagues arrive.

Fast-Food Chains

Fast-food chains combine the delicious smells of kitchen waste with the small spaces and inner-city location of convenience stores. As with convenience stores, many fast-food joints are independent businesses, which means they can struggle with pest control problems.

Even larger fast-food chains tend to attract the neighborhood’s pest problems. Greasy, calorie-laden food attracts pests just as surely as it attracts people.


Offices aren’t the most obvious premises for pest attraction, but they tick many of the same boxes as the other entries on this list. Office buildings are full of soft furnishings kept at habitable temperatures.

Many offices also have staff kitchens, meaning they’ll attract kitchen pests. Even better, they keep a regular schedule – which means the pests know when they have the run of the building.

Pest Control Services: A Business Necessity

The reality is that pest control services are a necessity for almost any business. Pests love a warm space with plenty of room to make their nests, which describes most commercial premises.

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