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Cost of Wasp Exterminator and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest closeup

Did you know that a yellow jacket nest can contain thousands of wasps?

Wasp nest closeupSince a typical wasp nest can hold thousands of wasps in the heat of summer, taking on a wasp nest yourself shouldn’t be on your list of things to do. Have you ever noticed that when you smash a wasp, there’s suddenly 3 or 4 that appear? You’re not imagining it; killed wasps release a pheromone to alert other wasps and hornets nearby, triggering them to go to battle.

Safe removal of a hornet or wasp nest

So, how do you safely conduct a wasp nest removal. There are several ways to control these pests when they start bugging you.

First, call a professional. At Avon Pest Control, we offer several effective options of wasp and hornet extermination, including chemical treatments with residual insecticide and aerosol treatments — all with a Guarantee of effective services.  See 4 reasons why calling a pro for wasp extermination is necessary (includes a video of a person trying to remove a ground hornet nest by himself!  It’s not advisable.

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How much does wasp nest removal cost?

The removal of a wasp nest can vary in price based on location, type of wasp or hornet, the size of the wasp nest, and the chosen treatment to eliminate them from your home. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $90 for smaller, less aggressive, or easier to remove nests, to $350 for a nest located on structures way up high – and harder to reach.

Hornet removal, the most aggressive of the wasp family, tends to be more expensive for obvious reasons, while a ground nest can typically be removed for about $125 depending on the size and location of the nest.

Not all wasps are aggressive, and most do not bother humans, but if they are bugging you a pest control company will charge you somewhere in the neighborhood of $90 to remove a non-aggressive wasp nest (ie, this is the common wasp in Vancouver area, and is the typical paper wasp removal cost).

Best time to remove a wasp nest

A queen wasp only lives for one year, while the rest of her colony dies off in the Autumn when there is a lack of food. Avon pest Control Inc provides a same-day wasp nest removal service in a professionally & environmentally sensitive manner with a written guarantee for the whole season.

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