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How to Bed Bug Proof Your Business

bed bug proofing

It’s a common misconception that bed bugs are only real threats to homes, hotels, and apartments. However, bed bugs do not discriminate with their food source, whether it’s in public transport, a home, or even your office. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to bed bug proof your business so your workplace doesn’t become a breeding ground for these pesky bugs. If your office is struggling with a bed bug infestation, contact your bed bugs exterminator today.

How do bed bugs get into offices?

There are various ways this can happen. Most often, a coworker will transport them from home or public transit, unbeknownst to them. Traveling and taking vacations and returning to the office is another culprit for bringing bed bugs in the office. However, the person who’s at fault for causing the infestation won’t have a clue.

How to protect your workspace from bed bugs.

Here are a few helpful tips to detect and prevent these bugs:

  • Be on the lookout: According to Proof, you must remain vigilant for bed bugs. Inspect all upholstery, around and under desks, along baseboards, behind wallpaper, in electrical outlets, behind the artwork, in surge protectors, along beams, in electronics such as computers, phones, or clocks which are all common hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Cleanliness: It goes without saying that being tidy and clean helps to minimize the threat of bed bugs. The fewer places they can hide, the better. Professional cleaning services can help mitigate the risk of bed bugs in the office, too.
  • Educate your employees: Your employees can’t know what to look for if they don’t know there’s a problem. Educate everyone in-house to identify the tell-tale signs of an infestation.
  • Create a reporting process: Create a way for employees to communicate potential bed bugs in the office. If they experience an infestation at home, this is definitely worth mentioning.
  • Pest Control: Sign your office up for regular pest control maintenance. This will help you stay ahead of infestations and help control the ones you might get.

Contact the pros.

Rather than give in to gimmicks, it’s best to contact the professionals for effective results. For Guaranteed bed bug Extermination in Vancouver, Surrey, and all Lower Mainland, contact us today at (604) 805-0278, or fill out our online form. We have a 6-month guarantee and 100% success rate. We’ve been a BBB Lower mainland accredited company for over 16 years.