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How to Keep Your Hospital Pest Free

hospital pest management

pest free hospitalBy their nature, healthcare facilities provide a sterile environment that promotes health and well-being. Everything is white and clean, and good hygiene comes first. Yet, they’re home to thousands of flies, bed bugs, ants, or even mice.

People go in and out of medical clinics and hospitals all day long. Sometimes they carry pests inside without even realizing it. Plus, some bugs get through cracks, trying to find food.

Pests represent a major problem in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Even though some are harmless, they may still cause cross-contamination.

In the worst case scenario, rodents and bugs may cause infection, allergic reactions, flu-like symptoms, and asthma attacks. Their potential dangers shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you’re in charge of a hospital, do whatever it takes to keep it pest free. Otherwise, your staff and patients will be at risk for infections and even death.

Take Proactive Steps to Create a Pest Free Environment

As a hospital manager, it’s your responsibility to implement a “zero tolerance” hospital pest control policy for your facility. Whether we’re talking about mice, rats, or mites, the risk of contamination and disease is sky high.

Let’s take bed bugs, for instance. Although they’re not considered a health hazard, they can bite and cause itching. If you scratch the affected area, it may get infected.

For this reason, it’s crucial to change the beds every day. Good hygiene can go a long way toward pest control.

Ready to create a pest free environment for your staff and patients? Follow these simple steps:

Train Your Employees

When it comes to pest control, specialized training is a must. Rodents and insets are sneaky, and can easily make their way inside your facility. If your staff isn’t ready to prevent and manage this issue, it can quickly escalate.

Increase awareness about pest control among your employees. Implement housekeeping measures, such as regularly changing the bed sheets and emptying the bins.

Tell them to constantly check surgical sites, elevator shafts, dry floor drains, and other places that attract pests.

Call a team of specialists and ask them to come and discuss these things. Pests control experts know how to successfully prevent and fight bugs.

Keep Everything Clean

Rodents and insects are always on the lookout for free food. That’s why they’re commonly found in storage areas and food prep areas.

To keep your healthcare facility pest free, store food in airtight containers. Tell your staff to clean the floors and tables several times a day.

Also, it’s important to declutter storage and receiving areas. Throw away any old boxes and other items are not necessary. These tend to attract cockroaches and other bugs.

Eliminate Moisture

Pests love humidity and moisture. To keep them away, check for clogged drains and leaky pipes. Fix them as soon as possible.

The same goes for cafeterias and public eating areas inside the hospitals, where trash and food scraps create a perfect environment for pests. Keep these areas dry and clean year round.

Get Expert Help

Proactive pest control is an investment in your facility (could also prevent expensive lawsuits!). Plus, it ensures that your patients can properly heal and avoid further problems caused by infection.

Our team can help. We have the expertise and tools necessary to fight any pest, from ants or cockroaches and bed bugs to moles and rodents. Contact us today to keep your facility pest free!

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