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How We Can Use Disinfectant Fogger to Fight Covid-19

Times of crisis are also times of innovation. Necessity and invention have an interesting ongoing relationship to that effect.

Right now, the same foggers used to snuff out insects and pests are being repurposed as disinfectant foggers.

Studies into the spread of SARS-CoV-2 strongly indicate that poor ventilation leads to an increased risk of infection. A disinfectant fogger saturates those spaces to remove the virus, leaving a safe working environment behind.

How does it work? Read on to learn more.

Disinfectant Fogger Advantages

Germs and viruses are smaller than insects and even insect eggs. Even dust mites, one of the smallest pests, are a magnitude of scale larger than a virus.

That said, once something gets small enough, it’s far more practical to take a blanket approach over a discrete one. This is the mentality behind the use of insecticide sprays and chemical foggers. Why hope you thought of all the crannies when you can let fluid dynamics do the heavy lifting for you?

Exterminators have been using foggers for years. Total release foggers are the ‘bug bombs’ you may be more familiar with. For disinfecting purposes, an ultra-low volume (ULV) fogger is more common.

Hospital-Grade Cleaning

The composition of the chemicals being released in the fogger matter. Most COVID-19 cleaning services use hospital-grade germicides. These are used to kill viruses and bacteria without harm to humans or pets (after an appropriate venting period).

Disinfecting cleaning services don’t start with fog. They move through an area and wipe down services and clean common areas according to procedure. The disinfectant fogger is used to top off other efforts to remove viruses from the air and areas that otherwise might stay hidden.

Droplets and Particles

The disease COVID-19 is spread by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The virus travels on droplets expelled when an infected person breathes.

To stay viable (alive) the virus needs these droplets for protection. Otherwise, it dries up and breaks apart. Soap is alkaline and erodes the protective coating on the virus, which also kills it.

Droplets aren’t always large. Small numbers of particles can build up, creating a larger infection area. To combat droplets, you need to use other droplets to disperse and bind in the same way.

This coronavirus needs droplets to transport but it needs specific tissues to replicate. Without mucus-secreting cells, ciliated cells, or bronchial cells to jump on, the virus fades.

Fluid Dynamics

Gases expand to fill the area they are in. Heated material rise while cooler materials drop.

The spaces inside a home or commercial building have many areas of varying temperatures. So, a sneeze or breath carrying droplets quickly spreads through a room and sticks in odd places.

Disinfectants released into the same area need to follow the same course to ensure a comprehensive cleaning.

Take Control Today

Getting your home or office back into working order as the COVID-19 isolation opens up is important. The use of a disinfectant fogger provides that much more confidence and security to those that use any space.

To learn more and to get quotes for our service, see fogging service video here, and contact us.  Our specialized team will come to your home or business for disinfecting in Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Maple Ridge, Richmond, and all metro Vancouver.