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Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation — As Told by Langley Pest Control Experts

carpenter ant infestation

carpenter ant infestation

Carpenter ants are some of the most valuable insects on the planet. They contribute to environmental growth by providing compost from the fine sawdust left behind from wood they’ve chewed up. The moment they enter your home, however, it’s time to call for pest control in Langley, Surrey, and all Metro Vancouver.


The 101 on Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are known as one of the most common household pests in America. They can damage any wood they nest in. Left untreated, the infestation can grow so severe it can harm infrastructure, contaminate food, and result to the development of satellite nests.

Infestations can originate from outdoor ant populations driven inside man-made structures due to factors like weather and the search for water and food. While some simply forage inside the house, some colonies stay for good.

It can be tempting to start busting out those DIY ant-control products the moment you see ants marching on a surface, but be aware that not all of these products deliver exactly what they promise. It would be better to observe and learn more about your ant situation before moving forward, or depending on the case, before calling specialists on ant control in Vancouver.

Signs that Carpenter Ants are Living in Your Home

Once they’ve made themselves at home, it’s hard to miss these insects. But how do you know if you’ve only got a few visitors or you already have new tenants? Here are some signs to clue you in:

  • You See Big Black Ants

If you see a long line of black ants making their way across your kitchen floor, stay alert. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood looking for new places to build their nests, so those ants you saw might be making their way to create a new nest or looking for food sources. These can be especially prevalent during spring and summer.

  • You See Piles of Sawdust

Fortunately, carpenter ants leave behind a tell-tale sign of their activities called frass. This is what they kick out as they excavate though wood. If you suspect you’re hosting a colony of carpenter ants, start checking out those corners, crawl spaces, and dark areas for small mounds of frass.

  • You Hear Rustling Sounds

In more serious infestations, you’ll be able to hear these insects as they chew or move around through the wood. This sound will be very similar to rustling cellophane. The moment you hear these noises coming through your walls, don’t waste time and immediately call ant control in Langley.

  • You Observe Wood Damage

Already found frass around your home and heard those tell-tale rustling sounds? Then there’s a big chance you’ll soon see wood damage, too. Evidence of this type of damage is rectangular window holes in the wood. These are the openings of tunnels that carpenter ants have excavated through your home’s structures.

Without the proper tools and experience, you might find it hard to evict carpenter ants from your home. In fact, DIY ant control measures can aggravate these pests to the point of wider infestation. Our pest experts at Avon Pest Control are at your service 24/7, so call us immediately if you see these signs of a carpenter ant infestation.

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