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Top Hiding Spots for Bed Bugs in Winter

bed bugs in winter

Unfortunately for humans, bed bugs do not have the ability or the luxury to hibernate when the cold winter months set in. Instead, they have to continue feeding throughout the season to stay alive and continue breeding. While they are less active in colder climates, it is still important to stay vigilant when it comes to preventing and treating bed bugs during winter-even in Canada. Here are some top hiding spots that bed bugs choose as shelter this time of year. Remember, if you spot even one bed bug, contact your expert bed bugs exterminator right away.

Why don’t bed bugs die in winter?

The biggest question that people ask is how bed bugs manage to stay alive during winter. As we know, Canadian winters can be brutal. However, since bed bugs take up shelter in homes and businesses, the climate controlled environments allow them to thrive year-round. If they were to get stuck outside, they would die as they cannot withstand extreme temperatures.

Where are bed bugs favorite hiding spots?

As we’ve covered in past blogs, bed bugs are notorious for hiding in mattresses and couches. Any surface that allows them easy access to food- such as humans- is an ideal habitable spot. However, these pests can live just about anywhere in your home or business.

In fact, the list of hiding places is extensive:

  • Mattress seams
  • Any holes in the mattress
  • Cracks in wood frames or headboards
  • Along the frame where the mattress rested
  • Wooden slats, on the ends that rested on the frame
  • In the holes where rails fit into the frame
  • Screw holes
  • Knots in the wood
  • Any items stored under the bed

Bed bugs don’t just live in attics and basements.

It’s also common for people to assume these parasites live in cold, dank areas such as basements or attics. However, this is not the case. Instead, they want to be closer to their prey and be warm. Be sure to inspect your bedrooms and living areas for these pesky critters too.

The sooner you spot a bed bug and contact a professional exterminator, the better. We know how challenging it can be to rid your home or business of bed bugs completely, but we’re dedicated to the task and have years of professional success.

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