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COVID-19 and Germs Disinfection Fogging Services

24-Hour COVID-19 Response Team

Are you a business or school re-opening, but want to reduce the stress of keeping your place free of corona virus contamination? Do you want to protect yourself, workers, or students from possible lingering COVID-19?


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Avon Pest Control has created a specially trained COVID-19 response team using anti germicidal fogging to disinfect from germs, bacteria, and CoVid-19 for both commercial, residential, and vehicle needs.

We use only EPA (USA) and (DIN) Health Canada APPROVED hospital-grade anti-bacterial and anti-viral products for a deep clean with an additional focus on all high touch areas finishing with EPA approved microcide fogging to help maintain a healthy home or workspace.

Our germicide kills: CORONAVIRUS, HIV, HEP B, HEP C, MRSA, EBOLA, SEASONAL INFLUENZA, COMMON COLD and many more known viruses and bacteria on contact.  Think of this as microbial pest control.

Call us for Corona Virus fogging service in any of the following commercial settings:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hostels
  • Hotels
  • Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Vehicles

Covid-19 Home Cleaning Service with Fogging

Maybe you've been away, moving into a new residence, or you're a real estate agent wanting to make sure a home is ready to sell COVID-free. No worries. Call and ask us about our Covid-19 fogging service.

Let us give you peace of mind with Covid-19 disinfecting fogging in your home - whether whole house, or just some rooms like kitchen, living room, bathroom, or dining room.

Our COVID-19 Service Includes:

  • DEEP clean of all rooms, furniture, appliances, bathrooms, outside of fridge, cabinets, microwave, flooring, countertops etc using our high-grade disinfectants. An additional service of wiping down and disinfection of all high-touch and communal areas plus (Wall washing, interior of appliances are extra cost.)
  • After DEEP clean is completed our team will Fog (dry to the touch and safe for all electronics and food service areas) from floor to ceiling for the nooks and crannies and hard to reach places. Fogging reaches the "unseen" enemy.
  • The Response Team’s responsibilities include closely monitoring all public health agencies to stay on top of the COVID-19's latest developments, and implementing any required health and safety measures based on the recommendation from various international, national and provincial authorities. Staff is regularly health checked according to strict guidelines of safety, including use of new disposable hazmat suits and PPE for each clean.
  • We are one of the few companies using hospital high-grade products.
  • Non-Toxic and USDA approved for food handling.