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Blog Archives - Cockroach Extermination Vancouver

Signs and symptoms of cockroach infestations

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Cockroaches are indeed one of the most annoying insects ubiquitously found in most homes. Cockroaches may be classified as nocturnal creatures and they generally choose to hide in dark, moist, filthy and unsanitary places. Cockroaches have an innate capability to flatten their bodies and this helps them to creep into narrow crevices, Cockroaches mostly hide […]

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Cockroach Pest Control Are there cockroaches in BC and Vancouver? Yes. The German cockroach is the most common species in British Columbia. They can be found wherever moisture, food and shelter are available. Cockroaches (eggs included) are usually brought indoors via our belongings, luggage, boxes or packages. The Life Cycle of Cockroaches: Cockroaches have three stages in their life […]

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