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4 Tips for Preventing Silverfish in Your Home


Silverfish are one of the most common pests in Canada, and can thrive year-round, despite the blustery winter months. Like cockroaches and bed bugs, they can be challenging to get rid of, which is why enlisting the assistance of a professional Silverfish Exterminator is recommended. Read on to discover how to prevent a silverfish infestation from happening in the first place.

Seal all of your food.

Silverfish love to raid cabinets and cupboards for food. When you store your dry foods, be sure to seal it in airtight containers. Moisture attracts silverfish and other pests, so do your best to seal everything before storing it.

Keep your home tidy.

This goes without saying, but getting rid of food crumbs and keeping a tidy space will prevent giving silverfish a source of food. This is especially important right after a meal. Use a HEPA vacuum that can also suck up silverfish eggs and keep them from reproducing and multiplying, says Healthline.

Dusting your home often will also help to rid it of small particles of starches and saccharides  that are a crucial part of their diet.

Finally, clear your home’s perimeter of any damp debris such as leaves or trash.

Remove items with adhesives.

Silverfish are notoriously attracted to adhesive items such as cardboard boxes or stacks of paper. Remove these items from your home or organize them to prevent cluttering countertops and cabinets where silverfish can easily access them.

Invest in a dehumidifier.

Silverfish are attracted to moisture and humidity. A dehumidifier can help rid the room of excess moisture and prevent them from thriving in your space.

If you don’t have a dehumidifier, open windows and doors to allow for more airflow in the room. Turn on the fan to clear out moisture in the air.

Contact an exterminator.

If you suspect a silverfish infestation at your business premises or at your home, a professional pest control company is your best bet. They will work with you to streamline a treatment and extermination plan suited to your needs.

Avon Pest Control has a team of silverfish exterminators who serve Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Langley, and all of Metro Vancouver. Call us today at 604-805-0278 and get rid of silverfish on your property – residential or commercial!