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Silverfish Pest Control Tips for Businesses and Commercial Buildings

Silverfish are nocturnal pests, emerging at night to find food and water. For the best silverfish pest control, you’ll need to understand the bug and the methods of control. Unlike many pests, silverfish cause no direct bodily harm. They do, however, cause quite a bit of property damage. They feed on clothing, upholstery, paper, and […]

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Expert Silverfish Exterminator Service

Expert Silverfish Exterminator Service Silverfish removal is one of the hardest tasks for anyone as these bugs are hard to be identified. These are active only during night time and make sure to come out of their homes only after the room is completely dark, so tracing the silverfish nest is quite impossible in many […]

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Silverfish Pest Control in Surrey & all Metro Vancouver Silverfish are small, ½ to 1 inch long silver to grey color soft body insects without wings. Silverfish are not often seen by homeowners because they are nocturnal and can run very swiftly. Silver-fish are found in basements, kitchens, sinks, in bookcases, on closet shelves, behind […]

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