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Are Bed Bugs a Problem in Winter?

bed bugs in winter

It’s a common myth that bed bugs simply die off in harsh cold Canadian winters. While this would be ideal news for most, it’s not the truth. In fact, bed bugs can spread more in winter, wreaking havoc on their host and their families. If you notice even a single bed bug, contact  your experienced bed bugs exterminator right away for guaranteed professional assistance.

Do biting insects hibernate during the winter?

Most pesky insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, and gnats go into a sort of hibernation during the cold months. This low-energy mode of existence, diapause, is directly impacted by the colder temperatures. During this time, they stop developing, and hibernate until the weather warms, such as when spring rolls around. However, this does not apply to bed bugs.

Bed bug activity in winter.

Because bed bugs live exclusively indoors, their life cycles are not affected by diapause or any sort of hibernation due to cold weather. Instead, indoor temperatures remain fairly warm to accommodate the people living inside, so bed bugs continue to thrive. This is one of the many reasons bed bugs are considered such a pest and are so difficult to get rid of.

The risks of bed bugs in winter.

Winter is synonymous with the holidays, which means you and your family likely have a trip planned in the coming months. If you plan on staying in a hotel or air bnb, flying on a plane, or taking a train to your destination, your chances for encountering bed bugs increases.

Bed bugs climb into the belongings we carry around, or they lay their eggs in them, and then we carry these items from a location of infestation to a new location–usually by way of a heated automobile. And, even if we leave our belongings outside in the cold during our travels, it can take quite a bit to kill a bed bug with cold.

Remember that bed bugs are tolerant to extreme cold and heat compared to other bugs. So, simply leaving your luggage or infested items outside for a few days will not do the trick.

Bed bugs can spread rapidly, and at-home remedies and gimmicks will not resolve your issue. Instead, you need to rely on the pros to eradicate your infestation permanently.

Contact the pros.

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