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Average Cost for Rodent Control & Mouse Exterminator

Are you sick of seeing rodents where you don’t want them?   Rodents, rats, and mice are some of the most common pests found in homes and commercial properties. Avon Pest Control have a team of highly trained professionals who are ready to deal with rodent control and mouse extermination in Vancouver and the nearby suburbs – from Burnaby to Maple Ridge, Tsawwassen to Langley. We will inspect your home, seal any entry points for the pests, and then perform a treatment utilizing the best tools and practices to ensure some exceptional results for you.

For mice and rats, the sooner that you call a professional, the better. They can reproduce quickly with up to ten offspring in each litter (of which there can be up to six) throughout a year. The larger an infestation, then the more damage that they will cause. That is going to cost more to get them removed, so dealing with them as soon as you spot any signs is important.

Rat removal price. How much does a rat exterminator cost?

The price of rat removal will depend on the kind of infestation that you have, as well as what the removal will entail. If there are a number of entry points to identify and seal up, then that can cost more. The average cost of a rat exterminator in the Vancouver area is $260-$430. The things that can impact the price can be the use of chemicals to get rid of the rats, as well as the size of the property. The larger that your property is, the longer the job will take, especially if there are a number of entry points to seal up. The scale of the infestation can play a part too; the larger the infestation, then the more traps, bait, and cleanup will be needed. The accessibility of the infestation plays a part too. The harder it is to access the area that is infested, the longer that the job will take to deal with it, as well as clean up feces and repair damage.

Mouse exterminator price

There are some people who consider certain rodents to be pets. However, wild mice are often carrying diseases that can harm and infect humans, which in some cases can actually be fatal. Hiring a mouse exterminator in the Surrey and Vancouver area costs, on average, $450 to $600, with the average rodent control cost being around $525 for a mouse extermination that comes with a consultation, setting traps, sealant and then a follow up appointment. However, you might need to do some things to ensure that the mice can’t re-enter and look to see that there are no signs of reinfestation and that nests have been removed. 

  • $130-$400: this is what you can expect to pay on average for light infestations. You may need more than one visit, with the first visit covering the inspection and setting traps.
  • ​$400-$660: this is what you can expect to pay on average for an extermination intended for serious cases of infestation, such as the roof rat removal cost, or in larger properties. A number of visits is likely, hence in the increase in price. 
  • ​$1,000+: this is what you can expect to pay on average, for the most serious kind of rodent infestation, and where the property has suffered extensive damage, and more complex pest control treatment is required. Homes with large attics or basements are quite likely to fall into this category.

Rats in the attic

Rats in the attic can be problematic for your home for a number of reasons. Rats like to eat a lot of food, but as well as chewing food, they can also contaminate your food with their fur and with their excrement. If you have an infestation of rats, then it can cause a lot of mess. They can gnaw and chew their ways through spaces and damage walls and any barriers that are under your roof. Rats will tend to gnaw on any materials, including rigid options like lead sheathing, siding, cinder block, and even some concrete. The chewing and gnawing can mean that your electrics can be compromised too, as they can chew their way through wires. This is dangerous for all! With rats in the attic you can also be exposed to their feces. This is dangerous as some rats carry bacterial diseases, and exposure can be harmful to humans.

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If your home has fallen victim to the growing rat problem right here in Vancouver and all of Lower Mainland, then having an expert rodent pest control company who is reliable, to call on, is a must. Whether you need a Vancouver mouse exterminator or rodent control in Surrey BC, Delta, White Rock, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby, or New Westminster, we at Avon Pest Control should be your number one choice, so why not give us a call today? We provide both residential or commercial rodent control and mouse exterminator services.