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Bed Bug Treatment Myths Debunked

bed bugs

Once completely eradicated in the 1940’s thanks to hygiene practices and the invention of pesticides, bed bugs have made a triumphant return- unfortunately. Global travel and the resistance to common pesticides have allowed these flat-bodied creatures to return, taking up shelter all of Canada. In this article, we’re going to debunk common treatment myths and remind you that bed bug removal is strictly a job for the bed bug exterminator pros.

Defoggers and bug bombs.

Although these contain a common bed-bug killing ingredient known as pyrethrin, this is not the most effective way to kill a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are notorious hiders, making it easy for them to seek shelter in couch seams, mattresses and even carpets to avoid the toxins in the air. Therefore, most of them remain alive and does not solve the infestation issue.

Throwing infested items away.

It would be much easier if a bed bug issue could be maintained and eradicated by simply throwing out infested items such as mattresses, couches, or other pieces of furniture. However, this is simply not true. 

According to All Pest, many believe that it is necessary to throw away a bed that has been infected with bed bugs; however, it has been established that by placing the mattress in an encasement, the bed bugs will be trapped and will die.

This, of course, is a great option for saving your mattress. However, this is not going to resolve the issue of an infestation throughout the house. What’s more, if you move an infested piece of furniture to a basement or attic, they will only continue to spread in those areas, not die off.

Cranking the heat.

It is a fact that bed bugs will die when the temperature exceeds 49 degrees Celsius. However, this temperature is not one that can be reached by cranking your heater in your home or office. Instead, you’ll need the help of the pros since the heat has to be evenly distributed and consistent for approximately an hour to ensure all the bugs are killed.

Contact the pros.

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