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Few Easy Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasp RemovalAlthough all stinging insects are deadly and can cause tremendous pain, wasps are deemed to be the most dangerous. One of the striking characteristics of the wasp is it will sting a person repeatedly as its stinger is not barbed, unlike a honeybee. The venom of a wasp can be particularly perilous to people who are allergic to its sting.

Wasps tend to build nests in porch roofs, attics, and eaves of the house; also in sheds and in other similar places. If you come across a large swarm of wasps around your home, then it is advisable to take immediate measures to eradicate the wasps including their nests.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of wasps and they may be classified as social wasps and solitary wasps. The type of wasp that stings is known as a social wasp. These are the wasps that are harmful and at times deadly and it is essential to remove them. The social wasps are known to make their nests in attics, under the roof, roof peak etc. The solitary wasps, as the name suggests, live in isolation and do not build nests.

The solitary wasp usually has an unduly long, slim body and narrow waist and usually behaves tamely and seldom sting humans. Viewed from that point, it can be said they are innocuous pests. In fact, they are beneficial insects as they prey on garden pests like aphids and beetles. Despite its harmlessness, if you still want to get rid of solitary wasps, all you need to do is to spray citrus oil extract using an aerosol can. Citrus oil extract is very effective as it instantly kills wasps.

The social wasps have to be eradicated for the simple reason they build nests in the vicinity of human dwellings. Their nests may be situated close to the entrance door of homes or in the trees where children may play. The social wasps return to their nests after sunset and remain in their nest till sunrise. Therefore, the best time to destroy their nests is during nights.

Getting rid of underground wasp nests calls for expertise and it may be necessary that you are clad in rubber clothes while destroying the social wasp nests. The stinger of a wasp is capable of penetrating through woolen or cotton attires.

It may be somewhat easy to get rid of the underground wasp nests by using fuels such as kerosene or diesel. Pour the fuel at the entrance of the nest and quickly cover the mouth of the entrance with the wet towel. The fumes of the fuel should suffice to destroy the wasps in the nest.

But getting rid of hanging wasp nests is quite complicated and often it may become necessary to use a special pressurized bomb. Never use any household insecticides, as they will be ineffective and can aggravate the problem.

But it has to be remembered that the process of eradicating all types of wasps calls for some expertise and it is preferable you do not attempt doing things on your own. It is suggested to engage a professional pest control company. You can contact a long-standing pest control company like Avon Pest Control who are experts at getting rid of all types of wasps in metro Vancouver.  Call today if you need any of these: