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How to Prevent a Rodent Infestation

rodent infestation

The autumn season means it’s high time for rodents and pests to seek out any potential opening into your home or businesses for cozy shelter. Instead of having to deal with a widespread infestation, read the following tips for preventing one in the first place. If you find yourself with pests nonetheless, contact your experienced local rodent removal company.

Seal Up Your Home

The easiest way for rodents to gain access to your home is through doors, windows and vents. Be sure to use rodent-proof materials on all exterior entry points to prevent them from getting inside.

Eliminate Rodent Food Sources

According to Pro Active, gardens and fruit trees can be a real draw for rodents. If you have fruit trees, regularly remove dropped fruit from the ground. Keep the tree pruned to prevent hiding spots for rodents, and apply a rat guard to your trees by securing a piece of sheet metal 2 feet high around your tree’s trunk.

Other deterrents include mint and predator urine around the perimeter of your property to scare mice and rats away.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Debris and shrubbery provides easy shelter and habitats for unwanted critters. Trim your shrubs, regularly clean fallen leaves and twigs from your yard, and plant new trees and bushes at least 3 feet away from your home’s exterior.

Keep Your Home Clean

Rodents are drawn to food sources, which often translates to trash cans and kitchens. However, if there is no access to these sources, mice and rats have less motivation to inhabit your home. Keep your trash bins closed and secure pet food in an air-tight container. Avoid leaving food out on counters as well.

Adopt a Friend

While outdoor cats tend to be an area of controversy, adopting one definitely helps deter mice and rats. You don’t have to let your cat patrol the outdoor area, either. In fact, the scent of a cat (a natural predator of rodents) is enough to scare them away from your home.

Wave Goodbye to Your Rodent Problem

Despite your best efforts, infestations happen. If you suspect a rodent infestation at your business premises or at your home, a professional pest control company is your best bet. They will work with you to streamline a treatment and extermination plan suited to your needs.

With a Professional rodent control and maintenance schedule, you will keep your rodent problem at bay. Avon Pest Control has a team of rodent exterminators who serve Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Langley, and all of Metro Vancouver. Call us today at 604-805-0278 and get rid of rodents in your property – residential or commercial!