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The Side Effects of Bed Bug Infestations

Everyone is aware that bed bugs are an extreme nuisance. However, there are other potentially dangerous side effects of living with an infestation. From infections to health problems, there’s plenty of ways that a bed bug issue could negatively impact your well-being. Read on to discover the side effects of living with bed bugs. However, you don’t have to just accept your new roommates. Instead, contact the bed bug exterminator pros right away.

Physical reactions to bed bugs.

Bed bugs do not directly make someone sick, even though they feed on human and avian blood. Instead, the secondary effects of multiple bed bug bites can cause issues. According to Smithereen, here are a few significant ones:

  • Many bites over time can cause significant blood loss and potential anemia
  • Allergies to their droppings and remains can cause asthmatic attacks in susceptible people
  • Allergies to the bite, caused by bed bug saliva, can trigger hives, rashes, itching and burning
  • Bites can become infected, causing additional problems
  • Scarring can occur and persist for months or longer
  • A few patients develop severe systemic reactions including trouble breathing, severe infections, and anaphylaxis

Mental reactions.

In addition to the obvious physical symptoms, bed bugs can impact mental health as well. Increased anxiety, insomnia, and stress are all symptoms that can be caused by bed bugs. In addition, constant itching and being fearful of sleeping can be distracting, causing poor performance in work and schooling in some cases.

If you’ve noticed multiple bed bug bites, the first step is to contact the exterminators immediately. The sooner you address the issue, the better off you’ll be. Next, you might need to seek medical attention. If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms, especially if you’ve suffered an allergic reaction or a skin infection, it’s best to consult with a doctor.

Contact the pros.

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