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Tips for a Bed Bug Free Holiday Season

bed bugs

The holidays are right around the corner, and Christmas is on track to being a little more traditional this year. If you’re planning on having company over this season, there are some considerations to remember to prevent the spread of unwanted guests: bed bugs. When people travel on planes, stay in hotels, etc., it increases the likelihood of coming into contact with bed bugs, which are easily transported and can infest your home under the radar. If you spot even one bed bug, contact your expert bed bug exterminator right away.

Avoid putting guest clothing and bags on your bedding.

Rather than place guest’s coats, purses, and bags in your bedrooms or on a bed, opt to place them in one closet instead. If possible, make as much room as you can in a closet, even temporarily, to accommodate the coats and bags of the guests that are invited. After they leave, you can vacuum the area thoroughly to ensure any potential bed bugs don’t spread.

If you have to use a bedroom for guest storage, lay one big blanket over your bedding and place their items there. Once they leave, wash the blanket in hot soapy water immediately and vacuum the room.

Preventing bed bugs when loved ones stay overnight.

There are plenty of ways that bed bugs can hitch a ride into your home via one of your holiday guests. From luggage to clothing and everything in between, these pesky parasites can hide in just about anything. According to the University of Minnesota, prevent them from entering your home by taking the following precautions:

  • Ask your visitor to change into clean clothes.
  • Launder all their clothing
  • Place suitcase/bags into a plastic box or large plastic bag which can be tied shut.
  • Wipe shoes with a damp cloth and hot water (not hotter than 120°F), or if possible place in a dryer. Some dryers have shoe racks designed for this purpose.
  • It’s also wise to go the extra mile and use a plastic mattress protector.

When having guests over the holidays this year, take these extra precautions to minimize the risks of facing a bed bug infestation. However, if you do see even one, contact the pros immediately as completely eradicating them requires specialized equipment and techniques.

Contact the pros.

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