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10 Pest Control Myths Exposed

1) “Out of sight, out of mind.” or “If you don’t see pests – you don’t have a pest problem.”
Umm. This is wishful thinking, or living in denial. Actually, the pests that are hard to see or spot tend to be the toughest to eliminate.

roach2) “Cockroaches and bedbugs only live in dirty homes”.
Well, although these insects may prefer dirty and unsanitary places, they can thrive in clean places just as much if they have access to food, and sometimes moisture (including blood).  Even hotels have to keep them under control.

3) “Cats are the best pest control for rodents.”
This is only true if you don’t feed your cat very much, but most cats are fed enough to curb those hunting
genes. Well-fed cats tend to just play around with the mice if they catch them at all.

4) “Cheese is effective bait for mice and rats.”
Sure, but their preference is more for sugary foods such as peanut butter, cold cereal, or cookies.

5) “Ultrasonic repellants are safe and effective.”
No, the only thing that they are effective at is making money for the retailer.

6) “Apply bug spray when the sun goes down.”rat in coffee
When you’re up and about, so are they.

7) “Mice and rats are filthy.”
Actually, rodents keep themselves amazingly clean, although they can carry a variety of illnesses for humans.

8) “Clean homes do not have pests.”
Bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and rats can survive in spotlessly clean homes, just as long as they have any kind of food source.

9) “Chestnuts keep the spiders away.”
Scientists have confirmed that this is only true at the castle where Cinderalla lives.

10) “Retail stores have everything you need to get rid of my pests. We can all control our own pest infestation with do-it-yourself solutions.”
Retail stores can be a good start, but in many cases these retail remedies complicate and can increase the problem. Our governments limit the strength, quantity and variety of chemicals available to retailers. One of your local Vancouver pest control companies, or local White Rock, Delta, Surrey pest control experts is educated specifically about each kind of pest, licensed and insured to use the appropriate chemicals in limited and an effective manner using only integrated pest management techniques.

Whether you need pest control in Langley, Aldergrove, Surrey-White Rock, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Burnaby, New Westminster, or all Metro Vancouver – contact a pro exterminator today!