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5 Common Pests Every Restaurant Owner Should Watch Out For

When it comes to restaurants, few places can harbor as many pests.

These annoying animals can scare off your customers and potentially ruin your business.

No matter what stage you are in running your restaurant, you need to be aware of the five most common pests that could be in lurking in your building. Here’s a list of critters that you need to be aware of.

5 Most Common Pests


Cockroaches have to be among the most disgusting creatures in the world. Just having one in your restaurant could cause a panic and put you in bad standing with your customers.

These gross bugs like to hide out in dark corners and wet areas, and restaurants have plenty of both. They also breed quickly and are very good at skittering around and causing miniature mayhem.

If that wasn’t enough, cockroaches are also known to carry bacteria, so even if they aren’t visible, they could still be making your customers sick.


Flies are the most common kitchen bugs out there. In fact, you will most likely see a fly on the first day you open.

There are many different fly species out there, but all of them are attracted to smells such as trash, sugars, and meats – all of which can be found in your restaurant.

Flies lay their eggs in organic wastes and are hard to chase off with conventional cleaners since there’s a good chance they’ve grown immune to it. That being said, the sooner you get rid of these pests, the better.


Ants aren’t as bad as the other two pests we’ve mentioned, but they can still pose a problem for your restaurant.

They reproduce very fast, but luckily they don’t tend to carry diseases, and they’re easy to track back to their colony. Make sure to exterminate them quickly before they raid the sweets.

Stinging Pests

This broad category includes bees, mosquitoes, wasps, and any other insect that totes a stinger.

Mosquitoes are the worse in this group, as they’re known to carry all kinds of diseases. That being said, you should strive to rid your restaurant of all of these pests.

If you see them in your place, make sure to get rid of them quickly; they travel in swarms and build nests where they can access your food easily.


As far as the frequency of seeing them goes, rodents are at the bottom of the list. This does not mean they don’t come with their own problems.

These guys have a problem with gnawing on everything in sight, so any cords and containers you have are at risk. Plus, they leave droppings in the area, making your restaurant unsanitary.

Many rodents also carry illnesses such as salmonellosis and typhus that can be spread through contact or through their droppings, so if you happen to see signs of one in your place, you need to get rid of it ASAP.

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