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5 Warning Signs You Have a Cockroach Infestation

cockroach infestation

The German cockroach is one of the most prevalent pests in British Columbia. Even the tidiest home and business owners can fall victim to an infestation as all they need is moisture, shelter and a food source. In this article, we’re going to explore the unfortunate signs that you might be suffering a cockroach infestation. When you spot even one cockroach, contact the cockroach exterminators as soon as possible to mitigate the issue.


Often mistaken for coffee grounds, dirt, or grime, cockroach droppings can show up on any surface. They are tiny, often less than 1 mm long, and often appear on bathroom and kitchen counters and under sinks. If you don’t specifically look for droppings, you might overlook them completely.

A musty odor.

Cockroach infested areas have a very particular scent caused by the pheromones left behind in their droppings. This musty smell can attract other cockroaches and the bigger the infestation, the worse the smell. It is a damp, unpleasant odor that can sink into just about any surface.

Unusual marks on surfaces.

Dark markings in irregular places can signify you have a roach problem. These pests leave dark smears behind in high-traffic places.


Cockroaches go from eggs, to nymphs to adults. During this cycle, they can molt anywhere from five to eight times. Spotting shedded skin in your kitchen and bathroom can be a red flag for roaches.

Living roaches.

Arguably the worst-case scenario for most people is seeing a living cockroach in their home or office. They do prefer dark places, so it’s not uncommon to flick on a light in a room of the house that contains moisture- such as bathrooms and kitchens- and see large roaches scurry into a corner or attempt to fly away. However, one roach isn’t the problem. The truth is that once you spot a live roach, there’s likely plenty more hiding in spots you cannot see.

Cockroaches can reproduce at an alarming rate, making infestations all the more urgent to address. When you see live roaches, nymphs, and eggs, it means you already have a big problem. Don’t wait around or rely on DIY resolutions that fail. Contact the pros immediately.

Contact the cockroach exterminator pros.

If you need to get rid of cockroaches in downtown Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Langley, Richmond, Tsawwassen, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, and all metro Vancouver, whether residential, industrial or commercial, call Avon Pest Control cockroach exterminators to learn how we can help eliminate them.