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Pest Control Solutions For Your Commercial Building

hotel room bed bugsBeing pestered by unwanted visitors of the small, bug-like, or furry variety in your commercial building like hotels, office building, or restaurant?

Pest control is extremely important, particularly in public spaces and in business. This is because pests carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate edible goods, or make people ill.

Read on to discover our tips and advice on pest control solutions you can try to prevent or minimize vermin issues in your commercial building.

Swat Those Flies

Flies are one of the most common pests. Apart from being really annoying, having too many flying around your shop or restaurant floor sends a message of uncleanliness and poor hygiene to your clients.

This, in turn, can affect your image in a negative way decrease your overall revenue.

To reduce the presence of flies, ensure your bins are regularly taken out and changed. Separate organic waste from recyclables so no food ends up sitting to rot in a bin for longer than it should.

Fly paper is a great temporary solution, as are fly lights and zappers. Fly lights can be fitted quite discretely too, to look like normal light fixtures in your building.

However, it is important to regularly stay on to of both and regularly clean and replace both your fly paper and lights.

Borax and Boric Acid: Your New Friends

Both borax and boric acid both contain boron, a key tool for pest control.

Though different, they both achieve a similar goal. They stick to the legs of insects that pass over dusted areas. The insects then spread this inside and over their bodies as they feed and groom.

Boric acid and borax both work by dehydrating and eventually killing insects. They do this by destroying the wax-like coating on an insect’s skin and preventing it from maintaining moisture.

One thing to be aware of when using boric acid, in particular, is that it is toxic. Though its level of toxicity is less of an issue for humans, it can be quite lethal for pets. If you’re concerned about this, we recommend using borax instead.

Benefits and How To Use

Borax and boric acid are effective in killing bugs such as:

Luckily, borax and boric acid are quite easy and relatively cheap to get your hands on.

To use them, you have to combine them with something that will attract the bugs you’re trying to kill. In most cases, sugar or honey will do.

Apply to areas where pests have been spotted and dust a very fine layer. Using too much is ineffective. If you can see the borax or boric acid you have dusted, you have applied too much. With this pest control solution, less is more.

Getting Rid of Rodents

Mice can enter your building easily, but if you have rats – which are bigger, you may have some building entry problems that need blocking by a Vancouver pest control expert.

It’s important when setting mouse traps, to make sure you do not touch the bait. When placing your hazelnut spread or peanut butter, be sure to use gloves. This way, your scent will not deter mice from approaching the trap. Be sure to wear gloves when setting the traps, too.

Be sure not to use too much bait, as often mice will be able to get it without getting caught. A small amount, about the size of your pinky, will do.

Ensure your traps are set in hidden areas in corners and along walls where rodents are prone to scurrying. Due to the speed at which mice and rats are able to reproduce, be sure to set as many traps as possible, as close as an inch apart.

Don’t Waste Any Time – Implement These Pest Control Solutions Today

Particularly in food, retail and hospitality sectors, if word gets out about pests or poor pest control within your business, your reputation will be left in tatters.

This is why it’s important to act fast when implementing these pest control solutions and tips.

Should your pest problems persist or worsen, consider hiring an exterminator. For more information about the services we offer, contact us today