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Downtown Surrey Whalley City Centre

Surrey downtown is located in the Whalley area, home to city civic office buildings and city centre, library, Surrey Central mall, restaurants, hotels, and some college or university campuses. Avon Pest Control experts can service any of these commercial or residential buildings to help get rid of any insects, especially bed bugs, ants, wasps, rodents, […]

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Pest Control Solutions For Your Commercial Building

Being pestered by unwanted visitors of the small, bug-like, or furry variety in your commercial building like hotels, office building, or restaurant? Pest control is extremely important, particularly in public spaces and in business. This is because pests carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate edible goods, or make people ill. Read on to discover our […]

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Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Management In our Commercial Pest Control program, we not only catch pest activity in the earliest stages when our treatment is most effective, but it also provides historical records that allow us to anticipate seasonal pest pressures and prepare for them before they can occur again. Commercial businesses, especially those in the food […]

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