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Blog Archives - Bed Bug Treatment Surrey

Tips For Pests And Bed bug Exterminator Services

Be it a single-family house, apartment, or a condominium, pest problems are something very common. Learning on how to keep pests under control at home can be a difficult task but, it is very imperative to know each steps of it. Many people say there is one thing that you should follow in order to […]

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Bed bugs Vs Wasps? Which creates more problems?

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests man has to contend with and there can be no two opinions about that. Bed bugs are small wingless insects with waxy skin and have the innate ability to creep and hide into the narrow crevices of walls, doors, tiled floorings, sofas and predominantly in mattresses. […]

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An overview of bed bugs and how to get rid of them

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Bed bugs are one among the most predominant pests you can ever come across. These pests are quite common in every household and yet quite dangerous as well for your family and your neighborhood. It is highly mandatory that you contact a professional pest control company for getting rid of these pests the moment you […]

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Bed Bug Treatments

Treatment of Bedbugs Chemical treatment There are many sprays in the market for killing bed bugs, but of the most common of chemical treatments being used for destroying these bugs are DDT, pyrethrums and bug bombs. DDT gets bound to the sodium pores of cells, causes inflammation by allowing sodium to flood the cells which […]

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