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Bed bugs Vs Wasps? Which creates more problems?

Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests man has to contend with and there can be no two opinions about that. Bed bugs are small wingless insects with waxy skin and have the innate ability to creep and hide into the narrow crevices of walls, doors, tiled floorings, sofas and predominantly in mattresses.

To study and understand the characteristics of bed bugs you need a magnifying glass as they are too tiny. Nonetheless, it has been observed that bed bugs do not surface to bite us during daytime and they generally come out only during nights to spoil our sleep.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and become active during nights and come out in search of human blood. Whether you like it or not, bed is a breeding ground for bed bugs and their convenient place for bug bites.

Interestingly, bed bug eggs can hatch by themselves without the support of the mother bug and it takes no more than 10 days for bed bugs’ eggs to hatch. More than that, female bed bugs can lay about 300 eggs in a single pregnancy. This could be the reason for the proliferation of bed bugs and our difficulty to annihilate them totally.

There are many pesticides and insecticides that contain powdered silicon and glass granules to penetrate into the waxy protective skin of the bed bugs and kill them in a matter of minutes.

Besides, bed bugs cannot survive when exposed to hot temperature. So, one effective way to get rid of them is by steam cleaning and this is the method most pest control companies adopt to exterminate the bed bugs. Today, biodegradable and eco friendly insecticides are available in the market and you can spray them in all suspicious hiding places of bed bugs.  See more about bed bug heat treatment in Vancouver here.

Many people may not be aware that of all the numerous stinging insects, wasps are the most dangerous. The fact also remains that wasps would sting a person not once but repeatedly. The venom of a wasp is reportedly very dangerous – more so, to those who are allergic to its sting.

Wasps are of two types– social wasps and the solitary wasps and it is the social wasps that powerfully sting and are deemed dangerous. The solitary wasps are less dangerous compared to the social wasps and in fact, the solitary wasps are considered helpful as they reduce the beetles and aphids population.

The social type wasps generally build nests in a porch roof, attics, garage, shed and like places. If you happen to notice a large number of social wasps anywhere around your home, you should forth with call a pest control company to get rid of them. The solitary type of wasps do not build nests the way social wasps do. Make it a point to destroy the wasp nest either after dusk or before dawn. It is only during this period, the wasps would remain in their nests and you can exterminate them completely.

Coming to the question – whether bed bugs or wasps pose graver problems – the answer is wasps pose greater and graver threat than bed bugs. Bed bugs will bite and make you feel uncomfortable and nothing beyond. But wasps can forcefully sting you and the pain can be excruciating and in some rare cases, they can even prove fatal, especially if one is allergic.