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Siverfish Eradication – An Overview

We all know about silverfish, but silverfish control is something that you may not have had to deal with before. In order to get rid of silverfish, the business or home-owner need to be aware and responsive, as these are the two things that are needed to avoid pests.

Are silverfish harmful to humans?

Even though silverfish are not directly harmful to humans, they occupy warm and humid places such as basements and cause some trouble. Their chewing habits will be quite annoying to humans and it can cause damage to the properties as well. They feed on paper, wall paper, and cardboard, thereby leaving a yellow residue which is quite irritating. These metallic-looking insects are not known to breed in or live off putrefying organic matter such as waste or leftovers. As a result, they are greatly improbable to be exposed to organisms that cause disease.

These insects typically dwell in basements, storage rooms, commercial or industrial warehouses, and anywhere with raw wood, moisture, cardboard boxes, etc.  While not a threat to humans, they are more of a pain causing damage to property – such as eating at wall paper, boxes, drapes, photos, books, and even some kinds of clothing.  They especially like things with glues, sweet chemicals, carbohydratres, and cellulose found in wood products.

How do you get rid of such pests?

The most effective and simplest solution to get rid of pests is to get rid of the stagnant water outside and inside your home. If you have a garden then keeping it clean will avoid those problems as such. Since stagnant water is the breeding ground it is good to start from that and by doing so you will be able to wipe away the pests as well. As you do, make sure that you do away with any residual water from buckets, flower pots, bird feeders etc filled with water.

On the other hand, if you face this problem often then it’s the right time to take up the services of a professional pest extermination company who will help you destroy the pest completely.  The main reason to call a professional silverfish exterminator in Vancouver area when you see them crawling around is to avoid damage to your goods.

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